Decorator for aggregated values

(Wong CS) #1

I have certain fields where the value is a numeric and it represents a certain status (e.g. 0 - OK, 1 - User Error, 2 - System Error etc). But if I show just the numeric value in a report, it's not really intuitive to interpret. I know that it's not possible to aggregate parent-children in Kibana right now, but is there a way that I can do a decorator so that I can manually map the values to show "OK" when the value is 0 ad so on? That would at least make it friendlier for a layman to view the dashboard.


(Mark Walkom) #2

I don't think you can currently do this, it's better to do it on the indexing side anyway.

What version are you on?

(Wong CS) #3

I'm on Kibana version 4.4.1 / ES 2.2.

I assume doing it on the indexing side means directly creating a field for the expanded definitions of the original values? I've been doing that, but frankly speaking, it's creating a lot of work as the source data comes from a normalized database and there's a ton of such statuses which means my import scripts have been getting a lot more complicated just to denormalize the definition of statuses. Was wondering if there was a more efficient way to tackle this.


(system) #4