Dedicated Master Config Versus Data Config

Hello All,

I have a question regarding setting up elasticsearch.yml in an environment with dedicated master nodes. Specifically, is there any documentation around which settings must to be included for each node type? I want to get the data nodes to a place where they have the minimum viable set of settings configured, so that these config files do not change very often.

For example, it is mentioned on the following page that the local gateway settings should be configured on each master node : Does this mean I can omit these properties from the data nodes? And if so, are there other properties that I can safely omit from the data nodes?

I can get more into the details of why I want to do this if necessary, but hopefully this is a good starting point.

Yep, if you set them that is!

Otherwise all you really want is,, set your zen discovery, and you should be good to go for 2.X.