Deeper into threadpool

Hi all,
currently I have a cluster with 11 nodes (3 master, 6 data, 2 coordinating only role).
I would like to understand correctly how to configure thread pool key value but I have several doubts:

  • should I configure size and queue_size into the elasticsearch.yml?
  • if yes, should I restart the nodes?
  • about the get thread pool type: it is fixedwith the queue_size setted to 1000. how can I increase it? and how can I monitor it to understand if it is full or not?
  • about the get thread pool type: should I change it on every nodes or only DATA nodes?

I searched for further details but documentation didn't clarify to me everything.

Why do you think you need to alter these?

I'm facing some error due probably to queue_size reached limit

Sharing the error would be super handy :slight_smile:

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