Threadpool.bulk.size key ignored

Hey there,
using an old ES version (2.x) I was trying to use a custom configuration regarding threadpool.
currently, nodes have 8 processors. This value is correctly recognized by ES but when I try to increase it, nothing happens.
I specified

threadpool.bulk.type: fixed
threadpool.bulk.size: 16

into every elasticsearch.yml file and then I have fully restarted the cluster.
I tried also to use the dynamic updates of cluster settings withoud any result.
The threadpool size is still capped to 8 and I got this log message:

requested thread pool size [16] for [bulk] is too large; setting to maximum [8] instead

The only way to get it is to specify

processor: 16

in the elasticsearch.yml but I would like to avoid this way. is this the only way to do that?
I saw also github issue. If this is correct, this scenario should be highlighted in the official doc (also the current 7.x).

Anyone can help or address me?

Yep, there's not a lot of point in having more process threads for a given pool than there is CPU threads. You're really just moving the problem elsewhere.

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