Default configuration Local installation of ES on windows 10


I am able to run ES and Kibana on window 10 machine with default configuration. However if I shut down the ES process and try to start ES again after few days, I get the following: No subject alternative names matching IP address x.x.x.x found

ERROR: Failed to determine the health of the cluster.

I can still browse to Elasticsearch and get a response but I am unable to establish a connection from kibana.

From the console (for kibana), I can see:

Unable to retrieve version information from Elasticsearch nodes. Client network socket disconnected before secure TLS connection was established - Local: unknown:unknown, Remote: unknown:unknown

i also cannot run any of the other batch commands for example for enrolling a token or node. It just throws the certificateexception and same error.

Any ideas why this is the case.

I have no problems when I first download ES and run it for the first time. Everything works including kibana but after a day or so restarting ES get the certificate exception.

That suggests that the networking IP and /or hostname of your machine is changing, is that correct?

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Hi Mark,

Correct. On restart of the machine, new IP address is assigned and as the IP address changes, the kibana <-> ES connection stops working. As a solution, I updated the kibana.yml file by removing the autoconfigured ipaddress and added localhost in the elasticsearch.hosts option. Things started to work again.


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