Default ingest pipeline for index

Hi there,
Currently our application is ingesting data from multiple sources, and those sources don't always know about our ingest pipelines, which is why it would be very useful to allow setting of a default pipeline for ALL ingest operations performed on a specific index (or even multiple indices).

Basically when creating an ingest pipeline, it would be useful to have a setting that specifies which of the indices should be automatically routed through this pipeline by default, without having to specify the ?pipeline= request parameter when inserting documents.

For example, the PUT pipeline request could look like this:

PUT _ingest/pipeline/my-pipeline-id
  "description" : "describe pipeline",
  "indices": ["articles","announcements"],
  "processors" : [
      "set" : {
        "field": "foo",
        "value": "bar"

Thank you!

Later edit:
I see this is already being discussed on GitHub. For anybody interested, the topic is located at 5.0 Default pipelines

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