Default Kibana Index Not Working

I'm running in Docker with no permanent storage currently. This seems like it would be related to:

however I've tried the mentioned fixes without luck. I load in a random point with something simple like:

curl -X PUT "localhost:9200/sample-data/_doc/1?pretty" -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d'
    "geometry": {
      "lat": 35.685,
      "lon": 33.3978

Then I go and create an index pattern, it shows me the fields as expected, I then go to discover and it asks me to create an index pattern all over again. Same when I go to maps - just says I don't have an index pattern.

Been using Elasticsearch a long time and must have done something like the above 10000 times and never seen this before. Did something change?

It was a personal problem. I had remade the Elasticsearch instance, but Kibana was running outside a container. I didn't investigate what the problem was, but I'm guessing it caused a bunch of issues with the Kibana index. Restarting Kibana cleared the errors.


When it doubt, restart it :wink:

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