Kibana 7 can't load index pattern


Kibana: 7.0.1
ES: 7.0.1

When i create index pattern in Kibana, it can load the fields in the indexes. However, when i go to discovery page, it prompts me "In order to visualize and explore data in Kibana, you'll need to create an index pattern to retrieve data from Elasticsearch."

I can reload this index pattern by ID like this though:

Any advise?

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Also, when i go to Saved Objects, i have this error "Unable find saved objects Error: Bad Request"

response log:
"res":{"statusCode":400,"responseTime":68,"contentLength":9},"message":"GET /api/saved_objects/_find?per_page=20&page=1&fields=title&fields=id&search_fields=title&type=index-pattern&type=visualization&type=dashboard&type=search&sort_field=type&default_search_operator=OR 400 68ms - 9.0B"}


It turns out i have to manually choose default space before i can save objects.
I think the default space should be automatically selected

(Nathan Reese) #4

Go to management-> advanced settings and set defaultIndex to 83c2bf60-7188-11e9-8feb-fd1dd5f8f608


Good to know, Thanks @Nathan_Reese

(Tene) #6

Hello elastic team.
I have the same issue using ES 7.0.0 and kibana 7.0.1. I can create an index pattern but when i go to discovery page , it prompts me "In order to visualize and explore data in Kibana, you'll need to create an index pattern to retrieve data from Elasticsearch.".
I already try the word around proposed by @Nathan_Reese but it still does not work for me

(Nathan Reese) #7

@JackLandry Do you have any indices in Elasticsearch and Index patterns in Kibana? If not, load some sample data to get everything initialized. Sample data will allow you to explore Kibana without having to setup any data flows.

(Tene) #8

@Nathan_Reese yes i have some data in my cluster and i also try to load the sample data as describe in kibana documentation but still have the same issue. I am able to create index pattern but when i go to discovery page i have the same error message.

(Nathan Reese) #9

Have you set defaultIndex advanced setting to an saved object id of one of your index patterns?

(Tene) #10

Yes I set this setting but still have the same issue
here some pictures :
the list of my indices

Index-pattern that i have created

My defaultIndex setting :

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The advanced settings is one thing. But from previous Kibana version, 2.x, 5.x and 6.x, the default index pattern should be created together with the creating of the first index pattern.

Indeed, from .kibana index, I could see the created partterns' id exist. i could even load the pattern by modifying the kibana url to specify pattern id. Somehow the newly created pattern name was not presenting in the Kibana "Index Patterns" page. The Discovery and other pages were also complaining no index pattern defined.

The difference in my case was that the "D" space indicator was instead a yellow "E" (E for error). After I changed to "D" space, everything back to normal.

(Eran H) #12

I have the same problem using kibana & elasticsearch 7.0.1 docker images.

  1. I successfully create an index pattern and can see the fields of my index
  2. I can see the index patterns when searching .kibana index
  3. However, the discover page doesn't find the index patterns (Using chrome network I saw this request returns empty results https://.../api/saved_objects/_find?type=index-pattern&fields=title&per_page=10000)
(Eran H) #13

Restarting my kibana docker I can now see all my index patterns.
Then you need to set a default index pattern to use the Discover page.
After that it worked.