Default/other index pattern goes missing after some time, need to be created again,


The default and other index patterns goes missing after a certain period of time. I am not sure why. Version: 6.4.2.

We don't delete any index patterns behind the scenes. Is it possible anyone or anything is not doing this manually? While it's noisy, you might be able to identify the request using verbose logging, but it won't identify who did it. We're currently working to add audit logs which will assist with this in the future.

I have configured the cluster to delete the index which are older than certain days. will this cause the disappearing of index patterns? if so, how do i avoid that. without have to stop the curator.

Yeah, that will definitely cause issues. You should ignore any index which starts with a .

well i am not deleting all the indices, i only am deleting the ones with pattern logstash*. would that have an impact too?

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