"Index Patterns" is broken in 6.5


Whenever I try to navigate through Management -> Index Patterns (w/ 6.5.0 and 6.5.1), only single "default index" is shown, I cannot add, remove any of patterns and I can only refresh default one.

Please advise.


So you cannot add any new index patterns? Or are you trying to add fields to an index pattern?
Fields can be added directly to elasticsearch.

If it's the former - do you have permissions to add index patterns? Are you seeing any error in the console? Also do you have data in elasticsearch for the index patterns you are trying to create?


@bhavyarm - I cannot add any new index patterns as I was able to do it in 6.4.2, I do have permissions (I'm "superuser") and I'm not getting any errors (on screen and/or in Kibana logs).

Can you please post a screenshot? And do this

http://:9200/_cat/indices and check if you have indices in elasticsearch for which you are trying to create your index pattern?


My indices (filebeat*, metricbeat*, logstash*, myapp*, etc.) are in elasticsearch (via GET /_cat/indices) , and even though logstash pattern is visible (only on the right), rest of my patterns are missing (patterns was there back at 6.4.2)

Interesting. And you cannot see the create index pattern button correct?


Alright. Thanks for giving me all the info. I think we have an existing bug. I will keep you posted.


"Thank you!" and "Thanks to entire Elastic Team" for being so on top of things)

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I found a way to replicate issue... all you have to do is to have closed index and that brakes Kibana.

@alexus this sounds awfully similar to this known issue: https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/20920 . Do you by chance have aliases involved here? Also, do you have security enabled?

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