Define color in Kibana 4.02

(Chen Ben Ezra) #1

Hi ,

I created some Visualization Charts.
I know that the color option is supported only from version 4.3.
But is there any way to define for "Success" and "Failure" with the same color under those Charts ?
If I put all the Visualization Charts under the same Dashboard , the colors are not the same for the reason ....
It will confuse the users that will look at the Dashboard.


(Court Ewing) #2

I believe 4.0 supports the "visualization:colorMapping" advanced setting, which allows you to globally set specific colors based on values. That's probably the closest you're going to get to any sort of color control in 4.0.

(Anh) #3

You may try to define color mapping in the field setting itself. Edit your field and play with the field format.

(Chen Ben Ezra) #4

Hi ,

There isn't such option under advanced setting in Kibana 4.0.2 , As I can see it's supported from Kibana 4.2.
Can you send me a screen shot where it's located If this is possible in 4.02 ?


(Court Ewing) #5

Ah, I could just be wrong about which version it was added in. Sorry about that!

(Chen Ben Ezra) #6

Thanks :slight_smile:

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