Definition of node roles


What is the meaning this node role?


Check it here

  • master
  • data
  • data_content
  • data_hot
  • data_warm
  • data_cold
  • data_frozen
  • ingest
  • ml
  • remote_cluster_client
  • transform

And the _cat/nodes page shows the codes.

node.role, r, role, nodeRole
(Default) Roles of the node. Returned values include c (cold node), d (data node), f (frozen node), h (hot node), i (ingest node), l (machine learning node), m (master-eligible node), r (remote cluster client node), s (content node), t (transform node), v (voting-only node), w (warm node), and - (coordinating node only).

Thanks Stephen, this clears my doubt.

Thank you Yassine, this helps

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