Dejavu - a web UI for Elasticsearch

(Siddharthlatest) #1

I would like to introduce dejavu, a modern data browser for viewing Elasticsearch data. It's open-source, available as an Elasticsearch plugin and as a chrome app.

Since we launched it as an open-source project in March, it has gone over to gain 1,000+ developers.

You can try it live here -

It's a modern take on existing community built data browsers that have been around for a while.

The one feature that's my personal favorite - an ability to share the exact browser state just by URL which comes in handy when sharing it to a colleague, posting on Q&A sites for debugging purposes, or showcasing demos and embedding it inside of web pages.

Just wanted to give a shout out here and get your thoughts!

Dejavu 1.0.0 - The missing web UI for Elasticsearch
(Kimbro Staken) #2

So is this entirely running on the client with no server side component?


(Siddharthlatest) #3

@kstaken Yes, no server components are used. That was one of the design goals to simplify distribution. It's built with React.

(whoami) #4

why not run as a kibana plugin?

(Siddharthlatest) #5

Dejavu can be run with Docker now

We would also like to support a Kibana plugin and would be happy to take contributions from the community.

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