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Hello guys,

This is my first question here. I've struggled to find good Elasticsearch GUI clients. Do other people share my feelings or is there a nice tool that I've missed somehow.


Can you elaborate on what you mean by GUI clients? As in a UI on top of Elasticsearch like Kibana?


By GUI client, I mean something that can connect to my Elasticsearch server and let me run queries and play around with the data, just like I would do with something like pgAdmin.

I understand. Have you seen Console in Kibana Dev Tools?

I will have a look. Does that mean I need to set up Kibana on my machine?

Yes, you'll need to have Kibana up and running to use Dev Tools Console

I am no ES stack expert, but I just feel that in order to run queries on ES index, I shouldn't need to download and have Kibana up and running. I was wondering if the ES community needs a GUI tool to just be able to do that? What are your thoughts? Please fill me in with the history, if you know, of how Dev-console and Kibana got bundled together?


Since Kibana is essentially the window into the Elastic Stack, I think it makes sense for the Dev Tools Console to live there. I'm not sure of the history, but Console is largely maintained by the Kibana folks.

Downloading Kibana in addition to Elasticsearch however is optional, because you don't need to run Kibana in order to use Elasticsearch. But if you're looking for a GUI tool to interact with Elasticsearch with decent autocompletion/intellisense, then Dev Tools Console is probably the best. The language clients for Elasticsearch may also be another option, offering differing levels of autocompletion/intellisense.

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