Not able to see sense

Hi All,

I am running kibana 6.0 with elastic 5.6.2.

I read Kibana 6.0 comes with Sense. But it shows me the same web page with the Cluster status when i clicked on any items on left include Dev Tools.

Can some one throw some light on this please?


Sense is called as Console. The Console plugin provides a UI to interact with the REST API of Elasticsearch. Console has two main areas: the editor, where you compose requests to Elasticsearch, and the response pane, which displays the responses to the request.

Hope this clears your doubt. More information:


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Thanks a lot Rashmi. I want to use the console. What I read in forums was kibana 6 comes with that pre included and we don’t have to install that as a separate plugin, and it can be opened by clicking on dev tools. But I am not able to get the console by clicking on dev tools. So is there something that I am missing? Thanks again in advance.

Yes , you are right, when you install 6.0 , Console comes as a part of Dev Tools where it is built-in to the Dev Tools tab of Kibana. You don't have to separately install it as a plugin for 6.0 . Kibana developer tools offer powerful ways to help developers interact with the Elastic Stack. With Console, you can bypass using curl from the terminal and tinker with your Elasticsearch data directly.

Hope this helps.


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