Delete a inherited field mapping with another template

Hi Folks,
is it possible to delete a field mapping parameter ("ignore_above") which is defined in a default template with a "special" template (with higher order) ?

i am using legacy templates at the moment. i am using a default template with lot of field mappings in it (based on ecs). This template has the order 5.
I would now like to change the mapping for a field for a special index that also uses the default template.
the field is defined in the default template as a keyword with the parameter ignore_above.

I have now created an additional template (order 10) in which the field is to be mapped as a text field. When i want to create the new index i get the message that the parameter ignore_above is invalid for a text field.
Is there a way to delete the ignore_above parameter from the default template in the specific template? I tried to give ignore_above the value "null" but ES doesn't like that.


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