_delete_by_query not removes messages from another index created in same date

I am removing messages from nonprod kubernetes namespaces using next query

--query=app-*/_delete_by_query -XPOST -d'{ "query": {"bool": {"must": [{"regexp": {"kubernetes.namespace_name": {"value": ".*nonprod"}}},{"range": {"@timestamp": {"gte": "now-2d/d","lt": "now-1d/d"}}}]}}}'

I am supposed to remove logs from day after yesterday, so keep just yesterday's logs

It is removing fine from single index created during in that day, but in case if it were more then one created during that date, after command completes logs to be removed still remains in the second index.


green  open   app-000310  3   1   32285184     14312628     53.8gb 2022-02-25T18:45:10.117Z
green  open   app-000311  3   1   29490388      7776937       43gb 2022-02-26T11:00:17.009Z
green  open   app-000312  3   1   30822018     12562197     50.9gb 2022-02-27T03:15:07.971Z
green  open   app-000313 3   1   60173254     11155099     82.9gb 2022-02-27T19:15:16.120Z
green  open   app-000314 3   1   72956747         3000       85gb 2022-02-28T11:30:15.957Z
green  open   app-000315 3   1   39312439            0     52.6gb 2022-03-01T03:45:15.173Z

and running query, let say on date 1.03 supposing to clean indecies from date 27.02 , e.g app-000312 app-000313.
but logs still remain in app-000313 after command completed.


Any tip, suggest where to look pls ?

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