Delete By query On Fields of type Text

Elasticsearch Version: 8.7.1

We needed to do some deletes by Query using: Delete by query API | Elasticsearch Guide [8.7] | Elastic

Our Request using dev tools on Kibana:

POST /INDEX/_delete_by_query
  "query": {
      "match": {
      "context.label": "TEST 111111-1"

This query deleted all documents with the substring: "TEST". And not only the exact match: "TEST 111111-1".
We used this request before and only deleted exact matches!
Can you help us understand our error or if this is a major bug on this version?

My guess is that the field you are running the query against is mapped as text, which means that the text is tokenised. If you ran it against a field mapped as keyword it would have behaved as you described.

If the mappings are as described what you are seeing is expected. If you are going to run a one-off DBQ I would recommend to always run the query separately and verify that it matches what you expect.

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I can confirm that type of the field is text.

How can I update a field of the type text only on exact matches?

Thanks you for the clarification!

You can generally not update mappings without reindexing. If you are using dynamic mappings there may be a subfield named context.label.keyword mapped as keyword that you can use.

For this field, I do not have a keyword option.

So if I understood correctly I would need to reindex this index to add a keyword field?

If I try to update or delete docs filtering using queries I should always use the fields with ".keyword" If I do not use this it would update or delete using the substrings of the filter.

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