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Hi, I am kinda confused about the operation of deleting in ES.

If I import a json file which contains several items to ES thru logstash, also specify the index as "sampledata". Later on, I wanted to delete what I imported in ES. So I just did "delete /sampledata", the whole index was removed. But when I imported another file that has the same index as "sampledata", the old documents showed up when I search all the items in that index. So now, the index contains all new and old data which is supposed to be removed from ES.

All I want to do is to actually remove what I import.

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If the index was removed and the documents are showing up, it'll be because they are being reimported.


Let's say I imported one json file called "test_data.json" that only contained one item {"name" : "David", "age" : 12}. And then I removed the whole index in ES for that item. Later on, I cleared the same json file and put one new item {"Alice" : 10} on it and imported it to ES(same index as before). Then "David" still showed up in the index.

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It might help if you post the code that you are using for this, including sample documents.

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