Delete every other row?

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I am thinking about pulling in my Graphite/statd data in to ElasticSearch. Over time I want to remove data to gradually make the index smaller, I was wondering if there was a way that I could write a delete statement to delete all but 1 document per minute.

For example:
The application/statsd might send out 23 lines for the same static within 1 minute. After about a day, I only want to retain 1 record per minute and a week later I want to retain only 1 document every 10 minutes, and so on. A month or year from now I don't care about the 1 minute transactions just a summary of the hour or day so there is no reason to keep the second and minute data.

I know I could write this in a script to query the documents and delete the ones individually but I was hoping to learn of a fancy way of doing this with a ES Query instead.

Thanks for any feed back.

(Mark Walkom) #2

Not with a query, maybe with a script though.

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Yah I figured it would probably be that answer was just hoping for some black magic rather then doing it though a script. Ah well Thanks!

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