DeleteByQuery using "from"

Hello everyone from elastic

I try to exclude some docs by specifying the starting document offset.

Based on the documentation below

I write this C # code

public async Task EraseData(string indexName, int from, int pageLength)
            var response = this.AnalysisRepository.Client.DeleteByQuery<Dictionary<string, object>>(del => del
                                .Query(q => q
                                    .QueryString(qs => qs

But I get this error:
Validation Failed: 1: from is not supported in this contex

Elastic version 7.8.1
Nest version 7.8.1

Hi all from elastic, I find one solution with DeleteMany

// 01 buscar os documentos sem os campos de auto descoberta
                var observer = this.AnalysisRepository.Client.ScrollAll<Dictionary<string, object>>("50m", 3, sc => sc
                                                        .Search(s => s
                                                            .Source(sf => sf
                                                                .Excludes(e => e.Fields("d.*", "n.*")) // <- Exclui os campos de auto descoberta e NER

                var waitHandle = new ManualResetEvent(false);

                Exception ex = null;

                observer.Subscribe(new ScrollAllObserver<Dictionary<string, object>>(
                            onNext: r =>
                                // 02 aplicar dicionario de verbetes
                                var itens = this.dictionaryService.ApplyDictionary(r.SearchResponse.Documents.ToList<Dictionary<string, object>>(), masks, analysis);

                                // 03 limpa o indice antes de inserir os itens com as atualizações da auto descoberta
                                var response = this.AnalysisRepository.Client.DeleteMany(r.SearchResponse.Hits, model.IndexName);

                                // 04 gravar itens atualizados
                                Exception ex = this.elasticService.AddItensElastic(itens, model.IndexName, boolNer, analysis);

                                if (ex != null)
                                    throw new Exception("Erro ao realizar atualização da análise!", ex);
                            onError: e =>
                                ex = e;
                            onCompleted: () =>


can you explain what you are trying to achieve with a from, when you want to delete documents based on a query criteria? I do not understand the use-case and I have the feeling that this may lead to a wrong solution.

My objective is reindex an index, in small blocks, applying the ApplyDictionary() method.
To update the index I delete the old items and include the new itens by applying the ApplyDictionary() method.

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