Deleted field, result is successfull, but field is still there


I am using Kibana for interacting with my indices. I have a field in _source: '_nisc_AC' which I am trying to delete in the following way:

POST grch38_test__wes__grch38/_update_by_query?conflicts=proceed
    "script" : "ctx._source.remove('nisc_AC')",
    "query" : {
        "exists": { "field": "nisc_AC" }

When I ran it first time, it took several seconds and returned success, no failures. Then I accessed the index again with:

GET /grch38_test__wes__grch38/_search

And the field nisc_AC is there. I tried seeing which versions of the documents I am having but there is no _version field present in my documents. I ran _refresh for the index, but it just mixed up the fields' order without removing them. What is going on? How could I remove key and value from all of the documents?

One thing I can think of would be to add a ?refresh to the request, or just use the refresh API on the index and then see if you can still see the field.

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