Deleting indices with Curator based upon age of document timestamps

All the indices I deal with contain logs from servers so I'd like to have Curator delete indices once the documents inside them refer to events that happened more than N days ago. Looking at the Curator documentation it seems this is possible using source: field_stats however it's not clear to me what the example in documentation does and hence whether I want to use min_value or max_value

If I wanted an index to be deleted once all the documents in it refer to events more than 365 days ago, would this:

 - filtertype: age
   source: field_stats
   direction: older
   unit: days
   unit_count: 365
   field: '@timestamp'
   stats_result: max_value

be how to define that?

I'm using Curator 5.8. The cluster is currently running Elasticsearch 6.8 but will be upgraded to 7 in due course.

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