Deleting old .reporting-* index


It seems that the .reporting-* index are created weekly but are not deleted, it is safe to delete it manually?

When I create a report I delete it using the Kibana UI after the download, so there is no need to keep reports in the cluster.

Since this index does not seems to have an index template I can't apply a lifecycle policy, is there any place where I could configure it to be deleted after one week?

It's a tough question - without the ILM option I can't think of anything other than an external service like curator.

xpack.reporting.queue.indexInterval can be used to make fewer indices. Old indices can be deleted if you don't have a need for the report.

@tsullivan do you have any thoughts here?

Yes, it is safe to delete any .reporting-* index, if you no longer need access to the report artifacts it holds.

You can create your own policy for the reporting indices. As you found, the index does not have its own template, but you can create a simple one of your own in Stack Management > Index Management > Templates > Create Template

You don't need to add any of your own index settings or mappings.

The second step is to create an ILM policy in Stack Management > Index Lifecycle Management. You can name the policy whatever you want and set up the lifecycle phases as you want. Once the policy is created, you can add it to the index template for Reporting by clicking the Actions menu in the ILM table, and then Add policy to index template. Then choose the index template you created:

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