Deleting specific indices with Curator

(Jasper Nygaard) #1

Setting up Curator to reindex into weekly indices (monthly gets too big), and when done I need to delete the daily indices - With the delete action, is it possible to delete specified indices? Haven't been able to find much documentation besides the age filter type.

(Aaron Mildenstein) #2

No. You would need to use filters to select. If you're using a full weekly time period, why not look into the period filter?

Even better still, why not switch to using Rollover indices rather than daily? Then you bypass the need for reindexing altogether, as you allow the shards/indices to grow to your target size and then rollover. If you can use this approach, it's much less overhead on the cluster.

(Jasper Nygaard) #3

Hi Aaron, the period filter option is exactly what I needed. However, didn't know about the rollover API and it looks like it may solve the same problem. Do you know if it is possible to start a new index every week?

Thanks for the input!

(Aaron Mildenstein) #4

You could just have a Curator job with only a rollover action with a max_age of something small, like 1s, and then call that at midnight on Sunday or Monday (depending on when you start the week. Magic! New index every week!

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