Delivering and Deploying ELK in production environment

I am new to ELK. I need help on the format of the deliverables.

Our customer has ELK nodes setup and sanity testing is also completed with respect to log ingestion.
The requirement is to design and develop a analytics application consisting of some dashboards, reports, pivots, and etc. Obviously it will contain searches and views. We can create these in our local development environment.

How can we export or build a deliverable that can be shipped and deployed at customer site? Is there a defined methodology or procedure to build deliverables that can be deployed or do we have to create them in production nodes?

We were working earlier on Splunk and we used to create apps containing configurations for the searches and views and deliver to the customer in the form of tar files.


We don't have anything like a packaged app, you can use puppet to automate things though.