Dell Server elasticsearch debian Initial Setup Networking

Please excuse me, I am not big into elasticsearch. I have to get it installed for Development Dept.
This will be done on two Dell PowerEdge R730, one in each Datacenter ( same location, different buildings) .
They have each an extra network card so a total of 4 x 1GB and 2 x 10GB Network ports.

My question is simply this: I should bond these, right? Or how can I best set up the networking of these servers to best suit elasticsearch.

Debian is already installed but right now I only have one network port active.

Department wants a 3 node cluster, 1 node on one VM on one Server and two nodes running on 2 VMs on the other Server.

I would really appreciate any help regarding this. I have looked and a lot of the docs and web sites/pages but found very little regarding bonding and initial network setup of two servers for elasticsearch.

Thank you for any help you can give,


The faster the better for recovery and reallocation. 10GB will be fine, but you may want to bond for HA.

Hallo Mark,

Should all ports be bonded? ie should I setup the network ports as 1 x 20GB and 2 x 2GB



That's up to you.

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