Deploy elastic search saved objects into Elastic search cloud

Is there any automation, that we can do to move the saved objects over to Elasticsearch cloud , like through a jenkins pipeline.

Or is it like the saved Objects can only be moved to Elasticsearch manually?

Perhaps this

Thanks @stephenb .. just a question on API for creating index pattern ..

I have used to create index pattern .

I can see that the index is created under Stack Management . But under the kibana-> Index Patterns, tab we still need to manually create the index .. Is that how it is expected to work?

Hi @anjana1

Indexes are where the data is Stored.

Index Patterns do not create indexes it is just a method to access more than one matching index for a search (think of a wildcard name)

Indexes are created when actual data / documents are ingested / POSTed / Written

The index pattern API will not created actual indexes.

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