Will kibana ocuupy storage when index patterns saved searches are created

I have data in my elastic search. when i create index patterns in kibana will those patterns occupy storage space again?

Hi @sagar_rao Welcome to our community!

As you might know, Kibana requires an index pattern to access the Elasticsearch data. It selects the data to use and allows to define fields properties. Index patterns are not stored on the Kibana server's filesystem.

When you start the Kibana server, it created .kibana system index in Elasticsearch. When you create an index pattern, a new document is added to that index under index-pattern document type.

Similar to that, when you saves a search, a new document is created in the .kibana index under the search type.

You can use SaveObjects API to review and manage this data

Hope it answers the question.

Regards, Dzmitry

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