Deploy python connector with docker ca_cert parameter is not a path (run locally)

I have an error during the run of docker image (run connector service in docker).
I have been following the instructions from (steps: 1-5). Please see my config.yml:

  ca_certs: http_ca.crt (i tried also with '')
  idling: 30
  hearbeat: 300
  max_errors: 20
  max_errors_span: 600

service_type: confluence
connector_id: "HERE_IS_MY_CONNECTOR_ID"

  confluence: connectors.sources.confluence:ConfluenceDataSource

I have an error called: ca_cert parameter is not a path. In addition I've checked my http_ca.crt and it works fine (used in curl or python client). May you please help resolve this issue? I do not know how to fix it

Hi @sk30613. The ca_certs value should be a path, and I believe you should use double-quotes. Based on your config, try something like this: "./http_ca.crt"

See Configuration | Elasticsearch Python Client [8.9] | Elastic

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