Deploying across multi-regions in Azure?

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Are there any pitfalls for deploying / configuring a cluster spread across different regions in Azure, how do we achieve five 9's.

Would creating vpn gateways across different regions & building a cluster have performance impact while indexing / searching / replication ?

Are there any better ways to do this out of the box in elastic


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We don't really support having nodes from the same cluster spread in multiple regions.
I'd look instead at Cross Cluster Replication. See

Note that this requires a trial or platinum license. See

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Thank you @dadoonet

So if I setup a follower index / cluster on a different region than the original cluster & setup a vpn gateway for connectivity, use the cross cluster search with Azure Traffic Manager to handle search requests, will that be a good approach.


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I think so.

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Thank you @dadoonet for your prompt response :+1:

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