Cross-cluster search on-premise remote cluster from Elastic Cloud Deployment

Is it possible to use the cross-cluster search feature to query a Elastic Cloud Deployment in Azure and an on-premise remote Cluster?
Both with the Basic/Standard License.
Connection should be made through a VPN.

I'm asking, because it is not clear to me if it is supported looking on this site: Elastic Cloud Feature Matrix | Elastic

The way I'm reading the matrix makes me think that it would require an Enterprise license.

It would be equivalent of searching across multiple regions IMHO.

But you can probably check this with a sales representative or ask the cloud support.

According to Enable cross-cluster search and cross-cluster replication | Elasticsearch Service Documentation | Elastic the Deployments must trust each other and belong to the same account.

As our on-premise cluster is not a Elastic Cloud (Enterprise) Deployment I think it will not be possible.

Anyway I will check my options with a sales representative.

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