Deprecation Log Full Of Same Warning

My deprecation log is about 300MB of the following line:

{"type": "deprecation", "timestamp": "2019-06-20T17:20:46,105-0500", "level": "WARN", "component": "o.e.d.x.m.r.a.RestMonitoringBulkAction", "": "ElasticStack", "": "", "cluster.uuid": "xKv0iTIyRniTKXEgfq3x_A", "": "pPGsP09BSNeNANYO6A9KEQ",  "message": "[POST /_xpack/monitoring/_bulk] is deprecated! Use [POST /_monitoring/bulk] instead."  }

What do I need to change??


Can you share what is the version(s) of all the components involved in your Elastic stack?
ES nodes, all the Beats, Kibana, Logstash.

Elasticsearch/Kibana 7.0
Logstash 6.7
Winlogbeat 6.4.1

Updated ELK to 7.0 and, inadvertenly, all the beats to 7.1.1. Error has stopped logging and everything is functional.

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