Deprication json log

I am seeing this in my elasticsearch deprication json log file. How can i fix this.

I am not getting data in my elastic search. and when ever I run "filebeat setup --template" I get Mapping Conflict in elastic search.

{"type": "deprecation", "timestamp": "2019-05-01T23:09:57,174-0700", "level": "WARN", "component": "o.e.d.r.a.d.RestDeleteAction", "": "elasticsearch", "": "", "cluster.uuid": "T3FxB08PRy-Le_3uRl3Zag", "": "jG4MSlobSo2gNfA8Qdlzfw", "message": "[types removal] Specifying types in document index requests is deprecated, use the /{index}/_doc/{id} endpoint instead."

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