Too many breaking changes (A RANT ) now delete cause I just needed to vent

----deleted rant ----

thought better of it

You removed all the content. Do you want to remove the thread entirely?

Elasitc you need to start Deprecating things, with WARNING's before you outright remove them.

I think that's the goal of the deprecation logger. You need to activate it. See also the migration plugin.

yes please delete it was bad form to post but just ran headlong in to another issue with dashboards and got overwhelmed for a second.

Yah I did the migration plugin and that got some of it, which was really helpful. More of that please. and yes more of the deprecation logger :smiley:

I think all this can be deleted. I just need to vent loudly

I thought the rant was fine by the way.

We'd rather receive honest feedback than none at all :slight_smile:

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