Design help


I have a question related to data/application design .

I want to use elasticsearch to get some statistics , we currently use MySQL
but we have serious performance issues , i really think ES can help us.

I have a table that record some event of operators login and logout . It
looks like this

ID I operator I event I datetime

12 I 4587 I login I 2014-01-20 10:15:10
12 I 4581 I login I 2014-01-20 12:15:10
12 I 4587 I logout I 2014-01-20 13:15:10

from this i need to provide some stats like for exemple :
for a given day/week/month how much time do have a least 1 operator online
for a given day/week/month how much operator are online at the same time

then i need for exemple a granularity hour per hour

i currently fetch some data from mysql and compute my stats using php , but
we talk here about millions of entries i and i expect to get much more in
few months , so i need something fast .

So my questions are , does ES can be usefull if i store my data as it ,
does ES provide the necessary tools to make some stats without having to
compute after fetching the datas .
Do i have to compute some data before storing in ES ( for exemple calculate
for each hour of the day and store each hour as a document )

i would love to hear from you if you already have such a case , or if you
have some ideas .

( if it's not the good place for such a discussion where can i post it ? )


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