Elasticsearch vs Database

One of my customers is requiring me to save the data from the front-end to MySQL and to implement the searching features using ES.
In this case, is there a need to store the data to MySQL?
In my opinion, it's enough to use only ES stack for such the system.
Am I wrong?
Let me know please if someone has an opinion about this problem.

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What sort of data is it?

Hi, @warkolm.
Thanks for messaging me.
The data types are like the kibana's visualization, panel, etc.

It's not clear why you'd want to store those in a database, if you even could.

Yeah, that's what I am thinking.
I also think there is no reason to save the data to database.
But client requires that the data is stored to database.
So I wanted to know that is the right solution once again from the experts.
So what you mean is that there is no reason that the data have to be saved to database, isn't it?

Kibana visualisations/dashboards ettc are not designed to be stored in a database. You could, but it's be a json blob as opposed to a properly formatted row.

Got it, @warkolm.
Thanks for your help.
I have another question.
My situation now is ES was installed on ubuntu server and I need to restore a cluster from my local machine.
In this case, how should I set the path.repo in the server's elasticsearch.yml?

It's better if you create a new topic for that question, it'll make it easier for everyone to help you :slight_smile:

Got it.

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