Detection engine

Hi everyone,

how can i please enable the Detections feature in Kibana? Who is the user with the mentioned privileges?

Thank you

hi @Liora , I think these pages will get you started:

Thank you. How can i please create these indices and cluster privileges?

hi @Liora , this is outlined here Detections (beta) | SIEM Guide [7.8] | Elastic

You at least need an SSL-deployment. You can then set the appropriate priviliges in the Kibana spaces app. Spaces | Kibana Guide [7.8] | Elastic

Thank you @thomasneirynck . The problem is i'm running elastic stack on docker. The documentation you sent to me is either for elastic cloud or for self-managed deployments :frowning:
Do you please have a solution for docker?

This article desribes how to configure SSL comunication in dicker: Encrypting communications in an Elasticsearch Docker Container | Elasticsearch Reference [7.11] | Elastic

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