Dev console suddenly just a blank canvas

This is the same issue as was reported in March but closed: Dev console suddenly just a blank canvas

We are using Kibana 8.7.0 and have been for a couple of weeks without issue as we migrate from version 6. I use Chrome 114.0.5735.106 on an intel iMac Pro which was not updated in the past day that I am aware of.

This morning, when I loaded Kibana, the dev tools console is blank. I am able to load it in an incognito window, and the default console is there again. However, I had quite a few snippets within the console that are stored in the normal browser session and would really prefer to not lose those. If I can provide any values from my machine to help debug, I'm happy to do so. It seems like this is related to the stored contents of the window. While I don't believe I had anything interesting, like obtuse unicode chars, in that window, I did note one thing when I opened the browser this morning as follows.

The tab was still open, but had a network error of TIMEOUT. I use a VPN, so it's possible that the page tried to refresh after the VPN had disconnected. Or it tried to refresh this morning before the VPN was reconnected. In any case, maybe this corrupted the window contents somehow. Please let me know if I can help reproduce the issue or provide any logs.


I'm unable to edit the original question and add an image, getting some kind of permission error. I was able to find the offending field in the local storage and delete it. Sorry for the low quality screenshot. I copied it directly to the web page, which deleted it from my machine, and since the question wouldn't save, I had to copy back from the editor, and it was low res. Anyway, hopefully it's readable enough. The problem was sens:folds and an error about the range not being at least 2 characters.

dev console will loose everything if you clean your history.
happen to me in past. since then I have started saving them on regular interval in some text file. because you never know windows IT might clean your history. :slight_smile:

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