Develop ELK Cluster

Hi All,

I have plan to create Elastic Cluster.
I have prepared 3 elastic servers and SAN Storage.

I will create cluster which the three nodes.
I need insight to join SAN Storage to the cluster.

How to join the SAN Storage to the cluster, only attach to one node or separate the Storage to 3 Nodes?

Thank you

You'd be better off spreading storage across all 3 nodes.

Hi @Warklom,

Thank you for your advise.

Maybe you can give me advise how to migrate from one node to cluster.
Now, the one node is running and it have many index.
or I can join the existing node to new cluster.

You can add new nodes to the existing one, yes.
Check out Add and remove nodes in your cluster | Elasticsearch Guide [7.14] | Elastic

Thank you, I will check this.

Maybe you can give me advise how to create cluster when I have 3 server.

For now, I think to create 1 master node and 2 data node which every node have same specification, 8 Core and 32 RAM. But for storage capacity is different maybe master 50 Gb and Data 1 Tb.

Thank You

A single master is not a good idea as it can potentially lead to split brain.

You are better off making all 3 the same.

is it cluster which has 3 nodes with same role (Master and Data) and same storage size?


Do you have tutorial for this?
Because I'm confused how to set master roles to 3 node?

I suggest like this: elastic-stack-1
node.master: true true
discovery.seed_hosts: ["elastic-stack-1", "elastic-stack-2", "elastic-stack-3"] elastic-stack-2
node.master: true true
discovery.seed_hosts: ["elastic-stack-1", "elastic-stack-2", "elastic-stack-3"] elastic-stack-3
node.master: true true
discovery.seed_hosts: ["elastic-stack-1", "elastic-stack-2", "elastic-stack-3"]

is it true?

I put in a link for that above.

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