Developer licensing for X-Pack

Is it within the licensing guidelines for developers to continuously reinstall X-Pack when the 30 day license runs out when we're just using the license to learn the products, develop and demonstrate capabilities? (ie this is not production, but rather nothing more than DevOps and demo work)

This is what I'm doing all the day long. Clean data dir and restart.

Probably you have issues to index data again?

You could index everything in a non secured cluster then on the fresh one run a reindex from remote so you just copy again the data.
Or use snapshot/restore which should be even more easy.

Thanks. I was mainly look at the legal side of the "can you..." rather than the technical side, particularly since we're mostly using Docker for this.

The X-Pack built-in trial license is tied to a specific cluster ID and is valid for 30 days. You are not able to acquire another built-in trial license for a cluster that has an expired license. We may be able to grant you an additional 30 day extension or If you have specific development needs you can reach out to

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