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Hello, I have some questions about Elastic licenses:
1- Do we not pay for the Elastic license in the Test environment, and do we only pay for the other environments?

2- If I purchase a Production license, can I test it in the LAB?

3-Do we need to commit to a specific period when purchasing licenses?

Thank you

It's better to ask the sales team using the contact me form on the website.

But in general, I'd use a trial license for dev, QA, preproduction environments. And a commercial one for the production cluster only.

Using a trial (30 days IIRC) is easy. You can just start a brand new cluster (no existing data) and activate the trial.
Using docker it's even easier by setting:



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Thank you very much for your clarification.
I've already asked the sales team, and I'm awaiting their response.

I just want to know if, by using the trial license, I'll have access to the same features as the production license for thorough testing. For instance, regarding the customization of the Kibana interface (logos and banners), can I utilize these features with the trial license?

Yes. Trial gives access to all platinum features. I'm not sure about the entreprise license level though.

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The sales team can give you more details, but from my experience when you get an on-premises license you get one license for production and another license to be used on a non-production environment.

You can also use the non-production license on a monitoring only cluster.

Well to be a bit more precise, you can use the non-prod license for a monitoring cluster that only monitors a single elasticsearch cluster.... if you monitor multiple production clusters the monitoring cluster needs to be licensed as well.

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