devtools.UseCommunityBeatPackaging() has gone missing

At Timebeat we build a community beat. It would be great to see more support for this reintroduced. Most if not all community beats have seen no development in 2-3 years except ours.

I've noticed that in the latest version we get the error :
Error: no package specs are registered. Call UseCommunityBeatPackaging, UseElasticBeatPackaging or USeElasticBeatWithoutXPackPackaging first.

However the UseCommunityBeatPackaging function has been removed. So we now we reimplement it in our magefile.go ourselves by calling:

    const packageSpecFile = "dev-tools/packaging/packages.yml"
    devtools.MustUsePackaging("community_beat", packageSpecFile)

Is this a bug or the preferred approach now? At least having an error message suggesting calling a function that has been removed seems like a bug.

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