Dictionary vs Map datastructure in app-search?

"residential_address": {
"current": "USA",
"previous": "India"
"office_address": {
"current": "Okemos",
"previous": "Bangalore"
"id": 1

In the above mentioned data structure I have Map of address which internally holds map of current and previous address. What is the efficient way to index this data structure in app-search??
can I use dictionary to efficiently save the structure(if so can anyone tell me how)?

Hi @teja_sri,

Generally speaking, when indexing data into App Search, our recommendation is to flatten data. The flattened version of the above might be something like:

  "address_id": 1,
  "residential_address_current": "USA",
  "residential_address_previous": "India",
  "office_address_current": "Okemos",
  "office_address_previous": "Bangalore"

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