Difference between Max timestamp and Minimum timstamp in kibana

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I have a log data where I have user activity getting logged in for a particular user on a particular timestamp. Now I was able to create a min and max of timestamp field for a particular user in a particular day. I wan to calculate a difference between the two (i.e. max timestamp field - min timestamp field for a particular day) to create a duration field. Could you please suggest how I can achieve this in Kibana

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I'm assuming each document in your index looks something like this:

  "username": "X",
  "timestamp": YYYYMMDD...

How are you creating the min and the max? Are you storing them somewhere in Elasticsearch?

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Yes, my data looks like the way u have mentioned in your post.

I am calculating the Max and Min of timestamp in kibana by using the max/min of metric aggregation ; i have not created any separate field in ES

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Any solution for this???

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