How to get difference of min timestamp and max timestamp?

I am new to kibana and elastic search, i want a metrics for average , total , longest of the timespans generated by taking difference of max and min timestamp fields. First I got min and max timestamps from the visualization of data table in Kibana ,in which 2 metrics (min @timestamp, max @timestamp) are there having the aggregation of top hit and size 1 respectively, one is ascending (min timestamp) and the other descending(max timestamp). I also have a bucket with split rows which is grouping my data by the field contactId


My log data is like


Hey @samath_kumar, you can do this using Canvas and a Table using the Elasticsearch SQL data-source with SQL similar to the following:

SELECT CAST(MAX("@timestamp") AS DOUBLE) - CAST(MIN("@timestamp") AS DOUBLE) FROM "bar" GROUP BY "contactId"

Glad it helped...Thank you @Brandon_Kobel

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