Difference between share link page and direct link

The share link web page of Kibana is changed from Kibana 3 to Kibana 4.
But I would like to understand, in Kibana 3, what is the difference between directly copying the link in the browser of a Kibana page and using share link option?

I see in Kibana 3, link generated from share link is different from the one visible in the browser.
And how is it different in Kibana 4?


I believe they are the same in Kibana 4 - it's just there under "Share" for your convenience.

Thanks @tbragin.
What about Kibana 3? I see they are different. What is the reason behind it?

There is detailed treatment of Kibana 3 share URLs in the docs:

"You can also share links to adhoc dashboards by generating a temporary URL to them by clicking the Share icon in the upper righthand corner of Kibana. By default these temporary URLs live for 30 days."

Thanks once again @tbragin

I read this earlier, but forgot the expiration detail.
This is very helpful.