Difference between sharing dashboard as snapshot and saved object

Hello All,
I use Kibana version 7.9.0.
I would like to know the actual difference between sharing/embedding a dashboard URL as a snapshot or a saved object
According to the pop-up info :
For snapshot, the pop-up says that the edits to the dashboard will not be visible via this URL. image
I generated an URL using this option, and made some changes to the dashboard ( changing the position of a panel, re-sizing a panel, changing a visualization etc.) I was able to see all these changes via the URL I generated earlier.. i.e. "any edits made to the dashboard are still visible through the snapshot link".
Am I missing anything here or is this a bug?


Looks like this is a bug, I reported it here: Dashboard snapshot permalink updates with saved object · Issue #91474 · elastic/kibana · GitHub Thanks for letting us know.

You can get a "real" snapshot URL by not saving your dashboard - create a new dashboard, add some panels (don't save), then generate the snapshot link. As it won't be linked to an id, it will actually stay the same.