How to get long link of dashboards (link containing embeddable configs) in kibana 8.8.0 And other latest versions

In older versions of kibana , we used to have option while sharing the dashboard link to either have a shorter link or a complete link containing the details of each and every visualisation in form of embeddableConfigs in the dashboard link itself.

I am not able to find how to generate the link with embeddableConfigs in kibana 8.8.0 and latest ones.

Please tell if there is an option to enable that or Tell any possible workaround.

I think it's not possible anymore as it was previously.

Sharing now allows:

  • Snapshot of the dashboard: which means the original dashboard plus any edits that have been added since it has been saved
  • Link to the saved object

I think you can reproduce the "old" behavior by creating an empty new dashboard, save it. Then edit it by adding any visualization you want but do not save it. Instead share it as a link as snapshot.

That should mimic the previous behavior (I hope).

My 2 cents.

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