Difference between Timestamp and @timestamp in kibana logs

Hi everyone,
I noticed that there is a difference of time between Timestamp and @timestamp generated with logstash . Is there a way to synchronise the value of @timestamp to be equal to Timestamp on kibana logs?

Thank you

Can you provide more context? What is Timestamp ? Is a field in your document? Logstash only creates the @timestamp field, so it is not clear what is this difference and where you are seeing it.

Yes it's a field in the document

And what is the difference? Please share the output you have in Elasticsearch.

What is the source of your data? What does your source message looks like? Please share your Logstash configuration.

In Logstash and Elasticsearch all date strings are in UTC and Kibana will convert those date strings to the browser timezone.

If your original date string field is not in UTC and does not have any information about the time offset, this can lead to confusion.

Also, if you are not using a date filter in your Logstash configuration then the @timestamp field will be created by Logstash with the time when the event entered the pipeline.

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